About Us

What We're All About

We are about sharing knowledge in modern subjects that you can’t learn at other colleges or schools. We give you the tools to navigate the new and exciting subject mater in our dynamic and evolving world. No crusty subjects here!

Be different, be you and ask that difficult question

We try to teach the subjects you can’t normally find elsewhere. These are the subject we wanted to know and learn about ourselves. Now we have that knowledge and experience, we know there are many like us who want these answers as well. 

“Opportunities are dancing lessons from god, take them all and learn to waltz through life….”

Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to know what he doesn't know, but he knows he wants to know everything he can know."

We have a small classroom is an historic Wesleyan School Building. We can teach 8 students face to face. We believe this is a good ratio to give students hands-on workshops to touch and feel the subjects we teach. 

Covid has closed our classroom. This has posed challenges because having a specialist handing a physical Bitcoin miner to a student and allowing them to configure it to mine crypto-currencies, is a very powerful way to learn. Providing a student with their own domain name and guide them to configuring their own email address and website is very valuable in a learning process. 

That physical involvement is now on hold, probably until next year. However like the rest of the world we are adapting. Like many other institutes we are using technology to change our learning delivery system. However unlike the rest of the world, especially in the world of University students, we have hugely reduced the cost of our courses to allow many more people to benefit from our knowledge.

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