Reverse diabetes or just add years to your life - no joke!

  • Obesity kills, shortening life by around 10 years, on average.
  • Obesity is the key factor in diabetes
  • To achieve lifelong weight control you need to create a permanent transformation in your relationship with food. 
  • We have developed a personal coaching programme that teaches you everything you need to know about: the science of weight loss, nutrition, habit breaking, motivation and achieving your own smart goals – empowering you to reach and maintain your ideal body weight – for life! 
  • This 10 week programme, that does not involve ‘diets’ or exercise is proven to work – for everyone from a pub landlady to the last CEO of Aston Martin. 
  • The programme enjoys a 100% success rate. 

(Long term obesity impedes lifestyle, carries an A-Z of serious health problems and shortens life by 7-12 years, on average; depending on gender, age and obesity level).

Attend a FREE one hour overview of the programme by booking a slot now.
What do you have to lose...except a whole lot of weight!

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